Syntax diagrams for PostgreSQL

Created August 30, 2017, from gram.y, using Grammar Conversion and Railroad Diagram Generator.

stmtblock: stmt ; no referencesstmt: AlterEventTrigStmt AlterCollationStmt AlterDatabaseStmt AlterDatabaseSetStmt AlterDefaultPrivilegesStmt AlterDomainStmt AlterEnumStmt AlterExtensionStmt AlterExtensionContentsStmt AlterFdwStmt AlterForeignServerStmt AlterForeignTableStmt AlterFunctionStmt AlterGroupStmt AlterObjectDependsStmt AlterObjectSchemaStmt AlterOwnerStmt AlterOperatorStmt AlterPolicyStmt AlterSeqStmt AlterSystemStmt AlterTableStmt AlterTblSpcStmt AlterCompositeTypeStmt AlterPublicationStmt AlterRoleSetStmt AlterRoleStmt AlterSubscriptionStmt AlterTSConfigurationStmt AlterTSDictionaryStmt AlterUserMappingStmt AnalyzeStmt CheckPointStmt ClosePortalStmt ClusterStmt CommentStmt ConstraintsSetStmt CopyStmt CreateAmStmt CreateAsStmt CreateAssertStmt CreateCastStmt CreateConversionStmt CreateDomainStmt CreateExtensionStmt CreateFdwStmt CreateForeignServerStmt CreateForeignTableStmt CreateFunctionStmt CreateGroupStmt CreateMatViewStmt CreateOpClassStmt CreateOpFamilyStmt CreatePublicationStmt AlterOpFamilyStmt CreatePolicyStmt CreatePLangStmt CreateSchemaStmt CreateSeqStmt CreateStmt CreateSubscriptionStmt CreateStatsStmt CreateTableSpaceStmt CreateTransformStmt CreateTrigStmt CreateEventTrigStmt CreateRoleStmt CreateUserStmt CreateUserMappingStmt CreatedbStmt DeallocateStmt DeclareCursorStmt DefineStmt DeleteStmt DiscardStmt DoStmt DropAssertStmt DropCastStmt DropOpClassStmt DropOpFamilyStmt DropOwnedStmt DropPLangStmt DropStmt DropSubscriptionStmt DropTableSpaceStmt DropTransformStmt DropRoleStmt DropUserMappingStmt DropdbStmt ExecuteStmt ExplainStmt FetchStmt GrantStmt GrantRoleStmt ImportForeignSchemaStmt IndexStmt InsertStmt ListenStmt RefreshMatViewStmt LoadStmt LockStmt NotifyStmt PrepareStmt ReassignOwnedStmt ReindexStmt RemoveAggrStmt RemoveFuncStmt RemoveOperStmt RenameStmt RevokeStmt RevokeRoleStmt RuleStmt SecLabelStmt SelectStmt TransactionStmt TruncateStmt UnlistenStmt UpdateStmt VacuumStmt VariableResetStmt VariableSetStmt VariableShowStmt ViewStmt referenced by: stmtblock CreateRoleStmt: CREATE ROLE RoleId opt_with OptRoleList referenced by: stmt opt_with: WITH WITH_LA referenced by: AlterRoleStmt CopyStmt CreateExtensionStmt CreateGroupStmt CreateRoleStmt CreateUserStmt CreatedbStmt SeqOptElem alter_identity_column_option OptRoleList: CreateOptRoleElem referenced by: CreateGroupStmt CreateRoleStmt CreateUserStmt AlterOptRoleList: AlterOptRoleElem referenced by: AlterRoleStmt AlterOptRoleElem: PASSWORD Sconst NULL_P ENCRYPTED UNENCRYPTED PASSWORD VALID UNTIL Sconst INHERIT CONNECTION LIMIT SignedIconst USER role_list IDENT referenced by: AlterOptRoleList CreateOptRoleElem CreateOptRoleElem: AlterOptRoleElem SYSID Iconst ADMIN ROLE IN_P ROLE GROUP_P role_list referenced by: OptRoleList CreateUserStmt: CREATE USER RoleId opt_with OptRoleList referenced by: stmt AlterRoleStmt: ALTER ROLE USER RoleSpec opt_with AlterOptRoleList referenced by: stmt opt_in_database: IN_P DATABASE database_name referenced by: AlterRoleSetStmt AlterRoleSetStmt: ALTER ROLE USER RoleSpec ALL opt_in_database SetResetClause referenced by: stmt DropRoleStmt: DROP ROLE USER GROUP_P IF_P EXISTS role_list referenced by: stmt CreateGroupStmt: CREATE GROUP_P RoleId opt_with OptRoleList referenced by: stmt AlterGroupStmt: ALTER GROUP_P RoleSpec add_drop USER role_list referenced by: stmt add_drop: ADD_P DROP referenced by: AlterExtensionContentsStmt AlterGroupStmt CreateSchemaStmt: CREATE SCHEMA IF_P NOT EXISTS OptSchemaName AUTHORIZATION RoleSpec ColId OptSchemaEltList referenced by: stmt OptSchemaName: ColId referenced by: CreateSchemaStmt OptSchemaEltList: schema_stmt referenced by: CreateSchemaStmt schema_stmt: CreateStmt IndexStmt CreateSeqStmt CreateTrigStmt GrantStmt ViewStmt referenced by: OptSchemaEltList VariableSetStmt: SET LOCAL SESSION set_rest referenced by: stmt set_rest: SESSION CHARACTERISTICS AS TRANSACTION transaction_mode_list set_rest_more referenced by: SetResetClause VariableSetStmt generic_set: var_name TO = var_list DEFAULT referenced by: AlterSystemStmt set_rest_more set_rest_more: generic_set var_name FROM CURRENT_P TIME ZONE zone_value CATALOG_P SCHEMA TRANSACTION SNAPSHOT Sconst NAMES opt_encoding ROLE NonReservedWord_or_Sconst SESSION AUTHORIZATION NonReservedWord_or_Sconst DEFAULT XML_P OPTION document_or_content referenced by: FunctionSetResetClause set_rest var_name: ColId . referenced by: VariableShowStmt generic_reset generic_set set_rest_more var_list: var_value , referenced by: generic_set var_value: opt_boolean_or_string NumericOnly referenced by: var_list iso_level: READ UNCOMMITTED COMMITTED REPEATABLE READ SERIALIZABLE referenced by: transaction_mode_item opt_boolean_or_string: TRUE_P FALSE_P ON NonReservedWord_or_Sconst referenced by: copy_generic_opt_arg copy_generic_opt_arg_list_item createdb_opt_item explain_option_arg var_value zone_value: Sconst IDENT ConstInterval Sconst opt_interval ( Iconst ) Sconst NumericOnly DEFAULT LOCAL referenced by: set_rest_more opt_encoding: Sconst DEFAULT referenced by: set_rest_more NonReservedWord_or_Sconst: NonReservedWord Sconst referenced by: CreatePLangStmt DropPLangStmt alter_extension_opt_item create_extension_opt_item createfunc_opt_item dostmt_opt_item opt_boolean_or_string opt_provider set_rest_more VariableResetStmt: RESET reset_rest referenced by: FunctionSetResetClause SetResetClause stmt reset_rest: generic_reset TIME ZONE TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SESSION AUTHORIZATION referenced by: VariableResetStmt generic_reset: var_name ALL referenced by: AlterSystemStmt reset_rest SetResetClause: SET set_rest VariableResetStmt referenced by: AlterDatabaseSetStmt AlterRoleSetStmt FunctionSetResetClause: SET set_rest_more VariableResetStmt referenced by: common_func_opt_item VariableShowStmt: SHOW var_name TIME ZONE TRANSACTION ISOLATION LEVEL SESSION AUTHORIZATION ALL referenced by: stmt ConstraintsSetStmt: SET CONSTRAINTS constraints_set_list constraints_set_mode referenced by: stmt constraints_set_list: ALL qualified_name_list referenced by: ConstraintsSetStmt constraints_set_mode: DEFERRED IMMEDIATE referenced by: ConstraintsSetStmt CheckPointStmt: CHECKPOINT referenced by: stmt DiscardStmt: DISCARD ALL TEMP TEMPORARY PLANS SEQUENCES referenced by: stmt AlterTableStmt: ALTER TABLE IF_P EXISTS relation_expr alter_table_cmds partition_cmd ALL IN_P TABLESPACE name OWNED BY role_list SET TABLESPACE name opt_nowait INDEX MATERIALIZED VIEW IF_P EXISTS qualified_name alter_table_cmds ALL IN_P TABLESPACE name OWNED BY role_list SET TABLESPACE name opt_nowait SEQUENCE VIEW IF_P EXISTS qualified_name alter_table_cmds referenced by: stmt alter_table_cmds: alter_table_cmd , referenced by: AlterForeignTableStmt AlterTableStmt partition_cmd: ATTACH PARTITION qualified_name ForValues DETACH PARTITION qualified_name referenced by: AlterTableStmt alter_table_cmd: ADD_P COLUMN IF_P NOT EXISTS columnDef TableConstraint ALTER opt_column ColId alter_column_default DROP NOT NULL_P IDENTITY_P IF_P EXISTS SET NOT NULL_P STATISTICS SignedIconst reloptions STORAGE ColId RESET reloptions ADD_P GENERATED generated_when AS IDENTITY_P OptParenthesizedSeqOptList alter_identity_column_option opt_set_data TYPE_P Typename opt_collate_clause alter_using alter_generic_options CONSTRAINT name ConstraintAttributeSpec DROP opt_column IF_P EXISTS ColId CONSTRAINT IF_P EXISTS name opt_drop_behavior VALIDATE CONSTRAINT CLUSTER ON name SET WITH OIDS WITHOUT OIDS CLUSTER LOGGED UNLOGGED TABLESPACE name reloptions ENABLE_P TRIGGER name ALL USER ALWAYS REPLICA TRIGGER RULE RULE name ROW LEVEL SECURITY DISABLE_P TRIGGER name ALL USER RULE name ROW LEVEL SECURITY NO INHERIT qualified_name FORCE ROW LEVEL SECURITY OF any_name NOT OF OWNER TO RoleSpec RESET reloptions REPLICA IDENTITY_P replica_identity alter_generic_options referenced by: alter_table_cmds alter_column_default: SET DEFAULT a_expr DROP DEFAULT referenced by: AlterDomainStmt alter_table_cmd opt_drop_behavior: CASCADE RESTRICT referenced by: AlterDomainStmt DefACLAction DropAssertStmt DropCastStmt DropOpClassStmt DropOpFamilyStmt DropOwnedStmt DropPLangStmt DropStmt DropSubscriptionStmt DropTransformStmt RemoveAggrStmt RemoveFuncStmt RemoveOperStmt RenameStmt RevokeRoleStmt RevokeStmt TruncateStmt alter_table_cmd alter_type_cmd opt_collate_clause: COLLATE any_name referenced by: TableFuncElement alter_table_cmd alter_type_cmd alter_using: USING a_expr referenced by: alter_table_cmd replica_identity: NOTHING FULL DEFAULT USING INDEX name referenced by: alter_table_cmd reloptions: ( reloption_elem , ) referenced by: AlterTblSpcStmt OptWith alter_table_cmd opt_reloptions opt_reloptions: WITH reloptions referenced by: CreateTableSpaceStmt IndexStmt ViewStmt create_mv_target reloption_elem: ColLabel . ColLabel = def_arg referenced by: reloptions alter_identity_column_option: RESTART opt_with NumericOnly SET SeqOptElem GENERATED generated_when referenced by: alter_table_cmd ForValues: FOR VALUES IN_P ( partbound_datum , FROM ( range_datum_list ) TO ( range_datum_list ) referenced by: CreateForeignTableStmt CreateStmt partition_cmd partbound_datum: Sconst NumericOnly NULL_P referenced by: ForValues PartitionRangeDatum range_datum_list: PartitionRangeDatum , referenced by: ForValues PartitionRangeDatum: MINVALUE MAXVALUE partbound_datum referenced by: range_datum_list AlterCompositeTypeStmt: ALTER TYPE_P any_name alter_type_cmd , referenced by: stmt alter_type_cmd: ADD_P ATTRIBUTE TableFuncElement ALTER ATTRIBUTE ColId opt_set_data TYPE_P Typename opt_collate_clause DROP ATTRIBUTE IF_P EXISTS ColId opt_drop_behavior referenced by: AlterCompositeTypeStmt ClosePortalStmt: CLOSE cursor_name ALL referenced by: stmt CopyStmt: COPY opt_binary qualified_name opt_column_list opt_oids copy_from opt_program copy_file_name copy_delimiter ( PreparableStmt ) TO opt_program copy_file_name opt_with copy_options referenced by: stmt copy_from: FROM TO referenced by: CopyStmt opt_program: PROGRAM referenced by: CopyStmt copy_file_name: Sconst STDIN STDOUT referenced by: CopyStmt copy_options: copy_opt_item ( copy_generic_opt_elem , ) referenced by: CopyStmt copy_opt_item: BINARY OIDS FREEZE DELIMITER NULL_P QUOTE ESCAPE opt_as ENCODING Sconst CSV HEADER_P FORCE QUOTE columnList * NOT NULL_P columnList referenced by: copy_options opt_binary: BINARY referenced by: CopyStmt opt_oids: WITH OIDS referenced by: CopyStmt copy_delimiter: opt_using DELIMITERS Sconst referenced by: CopyStmt opt_using: USING referenced by: copy_delimiter copy_generic_opt_elem: ColLabel copy_generic_opt_arg referenced by: copy_options copy_generic_opt_arg: opt_boolean_or_string NumericOnly * ( copy_generic_opt_arg_list_item , ) referenced by: copy_generic_opt_elem copy_generic_opt_arg_list_item: opt_boolean_or_string referenced by: copy_generic_opt_arg CreateStmt: CREATE OptTemp TABLE IF_P NOT EXISTS qualified_name ( OptTableElementList ) OptInherit OF any_name OptTypedTableElementList PARTITION OF qualified_name OptTypedTableElementList ForValues OptPartitionSpec OptWith OnCommitOption OptTableSpace referenced by: schema_stmt stmt OptTemp: LOCAL GLOBAL TEMPORARY TEMP UNLOGGED referenced by: CreateAsStmt CreateSeqStmt CreateStmt ExecuteStmt ViewStmt OptTableElementList: TableElement , referenced by: CreateForeignTableStmt CreateStmt OptTypedTableElementList: ( TypedTableElement , ) referenced by: CreateForeignTableStmt CreateStmt TableElement: columnDef TableLikeClause TableConstraint referenced by: OptTableElementList TypedTableElement: columnOptions TableConstraint referenced by: OptTypedTableElementList columnDef: ColId Typename create_generic_options ColQualList referenced by: TableElement alter_table_cmd columnOptions: ColId WITH OPTIONS ColQualList referenced by: TypedTableElement ColQualList: ColConstraint referenced by: CreateDomainStmt columnDef columnOptions ColConstraint: CONSTRAINT name ColConstraintElem ConstraintAttr COLLATE any_name referenced by: ColQualList ColConstraintElem: NOT NULL_P UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY opt_definition OptConsTableSpace CHECK ( a_expr ) opt_no_inherit DEFAULT b_expr GENERATED generated_when AS IDENTITY_P OptParenthesizedSeqOptList REFERENCES qualified_name opt_column_list key_match key_actions referenced by: ColConstraint generated_when: ALWAYS BY DEFAULT referenced by: ColConstraintElem alter_identity_column_option alter_table_cmd ConstraintAttr: NOT DEFERRABLE INITIALLY DEFERRED IMMEDIATE referenced by: ColConstraint TableLikeClause: LIKE qualified_name INCLUDING EXCLUDING TableLikeOption referenced by: TableElement TableLikeOption: DEFAULTS CONSTRAINTS IDENTITY_P INDEXES STORAGE COMMENTS ALL referenced by: TableLikeClause TableConstraint: CONSTRAINT name ConstraintElem referenced by: AlterDomainStmt TableElement TypedTableElement alter_table_cmd ConstraintElem: CHECK ( a_expr ) EXCLUDE access_method_clause ( ExclusionConstraintElem , ) opt_definition OptConsTableSpace ExclusionWhereClause FOREIGN KEY ( columnList ) REFERENCES qualified_name opt_column_list key_match key_actions UNIQUE PRIMARY KEY ( columnList ) opt_definition OptConsTableSpace ExistingIndex ConstraintAttributeSpec referenced by: TableConstraint opt_no_inherit: NO INHERIT referenced by: ColConstraintElem opt_column_list: ( columnList ) referenced by: ColConstraintElem ConstraintElem CopyStmt ViewStmt create_as_target create_mv_target privilege columnList: columnElem , referenced by: ConstraintElem TriggerOneEvent ViewStmt copy_opt_item opt_column_list privileges columnElem: ColId referenced by: columnList key_match: MATCH FULL PARTIAL SIMPLE referenced by: ColConstraintElem ConstraintElem ExclusionConstraintElem: index_elem WITH any_operator OPERATOR ( any_operator ) referenced by: ConstraintElem ExclusionWhereClause: WHERE ( a_expr ) referenced by: ConstraintElem key_actions: key_update key_delete key_delete key_update referenced by: ColConstraintElem ConstraintElem key_update: ON UPDATE key_action referenced by: key_actions key_delete: ON DELETE_P key_action referenced by: key_actions key_action: NO ACTION RESTRICT CASCADE SET NULL_P DEFAULT referenced by: key_delete key_update OptInherit: INHERITS ( qualified_name_list ) referenced by: CreateForeignTableStmt CreateStmt OptPartitionSpec: PartitionSpec referenced by: CreateStmt PartitionSpec: PARTITION BY part_strategy ( part_elem , ) referenced by: OptPartitionSpec part_strategy: IDENT unreserved_keyword referenced by: PartitionSpec part_elem: ColId func_expr_windowless ( a_expr ) opt_collate opt_class referenced by: PartitionSpec OptWith: WITH reloptions OIDS WITHOUT OIDS referenced by: CreateStmt create_as_target OnCommitOption: ON COMMIT DROP DELETE_P PRESERVE ROWS referenced by: CreateStmt create_as_target OptTableSpace: TABLESPACE name referenced by: CreateStmt IndexStmt create_as_target create_mv_target OptConsTableSpace: USING INDEX TABLESPACE name referenced by: ColConstraintElem ConstraintElem ExistingIndex: USING INDEX index_name referenced by: ConstraintElem CreateStatsStmt: CREATE STATISTICS IF_P NOT EXISTS any_name opt_name_list ON expr_list FROM from_list referenced by: stmt CreateAsStmt: CREATE OptTemp TABLE IF_P NOT EXISTS create_as_target AS SelectStmt opt_with_data referenced by: ExplainableStmt stmt create_as_target: qualified_name opt_column_list OptWith OnCommitOption OptTableSpace referenced by: CreateAsStmt ExecuteStmt opt_with_data: WITH NO DATA_P referenced by: CreateAsStmt CreateMatViewStmt ExecuteStmt RefreshMatViewStmt CreateMatViewStmt: CREATE OptNoLog MATERIALIZED VIEW IF_P NOT EXISTS create_mv_target AS SelectStmt opt_with_data referenced by: ExplainableStmt stmt create_mv_target: qualified_name opt_column_list opt_reloptions OptTableSpace referenced by: CreateMatViewStmt OptNoLog: UNLOGGED referenced by: CreateMatViewStmt RefreshMatViewStmt: REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW opt_concurrently qualified_name opt_with_data referenced by: ExplainableStmt stmt CreateSeqStmt: CREATE OptTemp SEQUENCE IF_P NOT EXISTS qualified_name OptSeqOptList referenced by: schema_stmt stmt AlterSeqStmt: ALTER SEQUENCE IF_P EXISTS qualified_name SeqOptList referenced by: stmt OptSeqOptList: SeqOptList referenced by: CreateSeqStmt OptParenthesizedSeqOptList: ( SeqOptList ) referenced by: ColConstraintElem alter_table_cmd SeqOptList: SeqOptElem referenced by: AlterSeqStmt OptParenthesizedSeqOptList OptSeqOptList SeqOptElem: AS SimpleTypename CACHE INCREMENT opt_by MAXVALUE MINVALUE START opt_with NumericOnly CYCLE NO CYCLE MAXVALUE MINVALUE OWNED BY SEQUENCE NAME_P any_name RESTART opt_with NumericOnly referenced by: SeqOptList alter_identity_column_option opt_by: BY referenced by: SeqOptElem NumericOnly: + - FCONST SignedIconst referenced by: AlterOwnerStmt CommentStmt SecLabelStmt SeqOptElem alter_identity_column_option common_func_opt_item copy_generic_opt_arg def_arg explain_option_arg operator_def_arg partbound_datum privilege_target var_value zone_value CreatePLangStmt: CREATE opt_or_replace opt_trusted opt_procedural LANGUAGE NonReservedWord_or_Sconst HANDLER handler_name opt_inline_handler opt_validator referenced by: stmt opt_trusted: TRUSTED referenced by: CreatePLangStmt handler_name: name attrs referenced by: CreateAmStmt CreatePLangStmt fdw_option opt_inline_handler validator_clause opt_inline_handler: INLINE_P handler_name referenced by: CreatePLangStmt validator_clause: VALIDATOR handler_name NO VALIDATOR referenced by: opt_validator opt_validator: validator_clause referenced by: CreatePLangStmt DropPLangStmt: DROP opt_procedural LANGUAGE IF_P EXISTS NonReservedWord_or_Sconst opt_drop_behavior referenced by: stmt opt_procedural: PROCEDURAL referenced by: AlterExtensionContentsStmt AlterOwnerStmt CreatePLangStmt DropPLangStmt RenameStmt comment_type_name security_label_type_name CreateTableSpaceStmt: CREATE TABLESPACE name OptTableSpaceOwner LOCATION Sconst opt_reloptions referenced by: stmt OptTableSpaceOwner: OWNER RoleSpec referenced by: CreateTableSpaceStmt DropTableSpaceStmt: DROP TABLESPACE IF_P EXISTS name referenced by: stmt CreateExtensionStmt: CREATE EXTENSION IF_P NOT EXISTS name opt_with create_extension_opt_list referenced by: stmt create_extension_opt_list: create_extension_opt_item referenced by: CreateExtensionStmt create_extension_opt_item: SCHEMA name VERSION_P FROM NonReservedWord_or_Sconst CASCADE referenced by: create_extension_opt_list AlterExtensionStmt: ALTER EXTENSION name UPDATE alter_extension_opt_item referenced by: stmt alter_extension_opt_item: TO NonReservedWord_or_Sconst referenced by: AlterExtensionStmt AlterExtensionContentsStmt: ALTER EXTENSION name add_drop ACCESS METHOD opt_procedural TRANSFORM FOR Typename LANGUAGE SCHEMA EVENT TRIGGER SERVER name AGGREGATE aggregate_with_argtypes CAST ( Typename AS Typename ) COLLATION CONVERSION_P TABLE SEQUENCE MATERIALIZED VIEW TEXT_P SEARCH PARSER DICTIONARY TEMPLATE CONFIGURATION any_name DOMAIN_P TYPE_P Typename FUNCTION function_with_argtypes OPERATOR operator_with_argtypes CLASS FAMILY any_name USING access_method FOREIGN TABLE any_name DATA_P WRAPPER name referenced by: stmt CreateFdwStmt: CREATE FOREIGN DATA_P WRAPPER name opt_fdw_options create_generic_options referenced by: stmt fdw_option: HANDLER VALIDATOR handler_name NO HANDLER VALIDATOR referenced by: fdw_options fdw_options: fdw_option referenced by: AlterFdwStmt opt_fdw_options opt_fdw_options: fdw_options referenced by: AlterFdwStmt CreateFdwStmt AlterFdwStmt: ALTER FOREIGN DATA_P WRAPPER name opt_fdw_options alter_generic_options fdw_options referenced by: stmt create_generic_options: OPTIONS ( generic_option_elem , ) referenced by: CreateFdwStmt CreateForeignServerStmt CreateForeignTableStmt CreateUserMappingStmt ImportForeignSchemaStmt columnDef alter_generic_options: OPTIONS ( alter_generic_option_elem , ) referenced by: AlterFdwStmt AlterForeignServerStmt AlterUserMappingStmt alter_table_cmd alter_generic_option_elem: SET ADD_P generic_option_elem DROP generic_option_name referenced by: alter_generic_options generic_option_elem: generic_option_name generic_option_arg referenced by: alter_generic_option_elem create_generic_options generic_option_name: ColLabel referenced by: alter_generic_option_elem generic_option_elem generic_option_arg: Sconst referenced by: generic_option_elem CreateForeignServerStmt: CREATE SERVER IF_P NOT EXISTS name opt_type opt_foreign_server_version FOREIGN DATA_P WRAPPER name create_generic_options referenced by: stmt opt_type: TYPE_P Sconst referenced by: CreateForeignServerStmt foreign_server_version: VERSION_P Sconst NULL_P referenced by: AlterForeignServerStmt opt_foreign_server_version opt_foreign_server_version: foreign_server_version referenced by: CreateForeignServerStmt AlterForeignServerStmt: ALTER SERVER name foreign_server_version alter_generic_options alter_generic_options referenced by: stmt CreateForeignTableStmt: CREATE FOREIGN TABLE IF_P NOT EXISTS qualified_name ( OptTableElementList ) OptInherit PARTITION OF qualified_name OptTypedTableElementList ForValues SERVER name create_generic_options referenced by: stmt AlterForeignTableStmt: ALTER FOREIGN TABLE IF_P EXISTS relation_expr alter_table_cmds referenced by: stmt ImportForeignSchemaStmt: IMPORT_P FOREIGN SCHEMA name import_qualification FROM SERVER name INTO name create_generic_options referenced by: stmt import_qualification_type: LIMIT TO EXCEPT referenced by: import_qualification import_qualification: import_qualification_type ( relation_expr_list ) referenced by: ImportForeignSchemaStmt CreateUserMappingStmt: CREATE USER MAPPING IF_P NOT EXISTS FOR auth_ident SERVER name create_generic_options referenced by: stmt auth_ident: RoleSpec USER referenced by: AlterUserMappingStmt CreateUserMappingStmt DropUserMappingStmt DropUserMappingStmt: DROP USER MAPPING IF_P EXISTS FOR auth_ident SERVER name referenced by: stmt AlterUserMappingStmt: ALTER USER MAPPING FOR auth_ident SERVER name alter_generic_options referenced by: stmt CreatePolicyStmt: CREATE POLICY name ON qualified_name RowSecurityDefaultPermissive RowSecurityDefaultForCmd RowSecurityDefaultToRole RowSecurityOptionalExpr RowSecurityOptionalWithCheck referenced by: stmt AlterPolicyStmt: ALTER POLICY name ON qualified_name RowSecurityOptionalToRole RowSecurityOptionalExpr RowSecurityOptionalWithCheck referenced by: stmt RowSecurityOptionalExpr: USING ( a_expr ) referenced by: AlterPolicyStmt CreatePolicyStmt RowSecurityOptionalWithCheck: WITH CHECK ( a_expr ) referenced by: AlterPolicyStmt CreatePolicyStmt RowSecurityDefaultToRole: TO role_list referenced by: CreatePolicyStmt RowSecurityOptionalToRole: TO role_list referenced by: AlterPolicyStmt RowSecurityDefaultPermissive: AS IDENT referenced by: CreatePolicyStmt RowSecurityDefaultForCmd: FOR row_security_cmd referenced by: CreatePolicyStmt row_security_cmd: ALL SELECT INSERT UPDATE DELETE_P referenced by: RowSecurityDefaultForCmd CreateAmStmt: CREATE ACCESS METHOD name TYPE_P INDEX HANDLER handler_name referenced by: stmt CreateTrigStmt: CREATE TRIGGER name TriggerActionTime TriggerEvents ON qualified_name TriggerReferencing TriggerForSpec CONSTRAINT TRIGGER name AFTER TriggerEvents ON qualified_name OptConstrFromTable ConstraintAttributeSpec FOR EACH ROW TriggerWhen EXECUTE PROCEDURE func_name ( TriggerFuncArgs ) referenced by: schema_stmt stmt TriggerActionTime: BEFORE AFTER INSTEAD OF referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerEvents: TriggerOneEvent OR referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerOneEvent: INSERT DELETE_P UPDATE OF columnList TRUNCATE referenced by: TriggerEvents TriggerReferencing: REFERENCING TriggerTransition referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerTransition: TransitionOldOrNew TransitionRowOrTable opt_as TransitionRelName referenced by: TriggerReferencing TransitionOldOrNew: NEW OLD referenced by: TriggerTransition TransitionRowOrTable: TABLE ROW referenced by: TriggerTransition TransitionRelName: ColId referenced by: TriggerTransition TriggerForSpec: FOR TriggerForOptEach TriggerForType referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerForOptEach: EACH referenced by: TriggerForSpec TriggerForType: ROW STATEMENT referenced by: TriggerForSpec TriggerWhen: WHEN ( a_expr ) referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerFuncArgs: TriggerFuncArg , TriggerFuncArg referenced by: CreateTrigStmt TriggerFuncArg: Iconst FCONST Sconst ColLabel referenced by: TriggerFuncArgs OptConstrFromTable: FROM qualified_name referenced by: CreateTrigStmt ConstraintAttributeSpec: ConstraintAttributeElem referenced by: ConstraintElem CreateAssertStmt CreateTrigStmt alter_table_cmd ConstraintAttributeElem: NOT DEFERRABLE VALID DEFERRABLE INITIALLY IMMEDIATE DEFERRED NO INHERIT referenced by: ConstraintAttributeSpec CreateEventTrigStmt: CREATE EVENT TRIGGER name ON ColLabel WHEN event_trigger_when_item AND EXECUTE PROCEDURE func_name ( ) referenced by: stmt event_trigger_when_item: ColId IN_P ( SCONST , ) referenced by: CreateEventTrigStmt AlterEventTrigStmt: ALTER EVENT TRIGGER name enable_trigger referenced by: stmt enable_trigger: ENABLE_P REPLICA ALWAYS DISABLE_P referenced by: AlterEventTrigStmt CreateAssertStmt: CREATE ASSERTION name CHECK ( a_expr ) ConstraintAttributeSpec referenced by: stmt DropAssertStmt: DROP ASSERTION name opt_drop_behavior referenced by: stmt DefineStmt: CREATE AGGREGATE func_name aggr_args definition old_aggr_definition OPERATOR any_operator TEXT_P SEARCH PARSER DICTIONARY TEMPLATE CONFIGURATION any_name definition TYPE_P any_name definition AS ( OptTableFuncElementList ENUM_P ( opt_enum_val_list ) RANGE definition COLLATION IF_P NOT EXISTS any_name definition FROM any_name referenced by: stmt definition: (